Laurent Massenat


Laurent Massenat is our President and Principal structural engineer. Laurent founded Obelisk Engineering in 2001, starting with a metal building client base. Over the past decade-and-a-half, Laurent and his staff have built a diversified book of clients, working with some of the region’s most talented and innovative architects, designers, and builders. One highlight of Laurent’s career is a collaboration with his SXL partners on the iconic SkyDance Bridge over I-40.


His French accent is sometimes considered charming, and his friendliness and community-building focus are strengths. Laurent enjoys pushing himself athletically and regularly tests his speed and endurance on a road bike. He has a large, close-knit family and circle of friends.

Laura Massenat


Laura Massenat, who is married to Laurent, supports Obelisk with her fine organizational skills. She splits her professional time between Obelisk Engineering and Elemental Coffee Roasters, a coffee roastery and café the Massenats co-own with several partners. Laura is very active in the OKC community, serving on numerous business and education-related advisory boards.


The Massenats are a large family with five active children in a ten-year age range. Most weekends find the family traveling, practicing yoga, rock climbing, enjoying snow soccer at Mesta Park, mountain biking, or participating in local theater. Laura is the office Haiku master.

Bridgid Cook


Bridgid Cook joined Obelisk Engineering in 2011 as business manager. She is a CPA who uses her mad spreadsheet skills to keep Obelisk running smoothly. All SLIVR companies benefit from her love of cooking and generosity at the delicious monthly office meals she prepares. Bridgid is a life-long runner who enjoys any sport that involves nature, particularly tree climbing. She is a rabid recycler, so don’t even think about throwing items into the wrong bin (refer to the  prominent labels for instructions) at our office.

Rob Driskill

Senior Structural Designer

Rob Driskill has been working with Laurent since 2001, and has been with Obelisk Engineering since 2004. Rob is a structural designer with particular talent and experience in metal buildings, but he is well versed in a wide array of structural systems.


Rob is a cerebral wordsmith with a deadly keen, laconic sense of humor. Sports, music, and technology are his main interests, as well as meaningless trivia. He is our grammar and spelling guru. Do NOT play Scrabble with Rob.

Jamaal Jackson

Senior Structural Designer

Jamaal Jackson is a structural designer with a broad spectrum of structural experience. Jamaal enjoys the challenge of 3D structural modeling. He is as comfortable delivering a Sunday sermon based on comic book superheroes as racking up 22 All-American college track titles. Jamaal lives in Norman with his superstar family.


Surprisingly humble, Jamaal does not often volunteer information about his or his family’s successes, but with a good deal of prying their frequent accomplishments never fail to amaze. The Jackson 5 are die-hard OU athletics junkies and attend a dizzying number of athletic meets/games/events.

Jeremy Bailey


Jeremy Bailey, our senior drafter, joined Obelisk Engineering in 2012. His great depth of construction knowledge and fast, accurate work product have greatly contributed to our success.


Jeremy is a man of strong faith, dependability, and family loyalty. He enjoys sports, coaching youth baseball, fishing and being outdoors. His ideas and contacts have been invaluable over his tenure.

Aaron Lewis

Senior Structural Designer

Bio coming soon


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